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Year-Round Beauty For Your Commercial Property

Our Annual Maintenance Services

Enjoy Beautiful Landscapes,  All Year Round

Keeping a vibrant and appealing landscape is essential, regardless of the time of year. At Greenedge, we provide commercial annual maintenance services to keep your landscape healthy and attractive every season.

Why Your Outdoor Space Deserves 365-Day Care 

By entrusting your landscape to Greenedge’s scheduled maintenance services, you can enjoy an array of advantages:

Time and Effort Savings

Relax while we handle the hard work of maintaining your landscape.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Prevent costly issues, keep your landscape in prime condition, and save money.

Expertise and Knowledge

Trust our skilled team to maintain the health of your landscape.

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Lawn Care Options

Ensure Consistent Care For Your Property

Keeping a vibrant and appealing landscape is essential, regardless of the time of year. At Greenedge, we provide exceptional annual maintenance services to keep your landscape healthy and attractive every season. 
FrequencyWeeklyBi- Weekly
Typical Tasks InvolvedCheck for pests and damage, mulch, mow and trim turf areasSame as weekly tasks, but less frequently.
Time Commitment30 minutes – 1 hour per week, negotiable.1-2 hours per week, negotiable.
To choose the frequency of maintenance checkups for your outdoor space, consider the following factors:
  • Landscape Complexity: Consider size and intricacy; larger or intricate landscapes may need more frequent attention.
  • Your Preferences: Discuss the desired appearance to tailor maintenance frequency to meet expectations and preferences.
  • Budget & Resources: Evaluate financial capabilities and available resources to ensure maintenance frequency aligns accordingly.
  • Seasonal Changes: Account for seasonal effects like growth or weather-related issues, which may warrant increased maintenance.
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Our Spring Cleanup Services

Revitalize Your Outdoor Area

As your outdoor space awakens from its winter slumber, give it the rejuvenation it deserves with our Spring Clean-Up services. Our skilled team will transform your landscapes with meticulous care. Here are a few of our Spring Clean-Up services:

Power Raking

Our power raking service removes thatch, allowing new shoots to grow thick and vibrant, revitalizing the health and appearance of your lawn.

Lawn Core Aeration

Through our lawn core aeration service, we decompact soil, promoting deep root growth and enabling your lawn to absorb and retain water effectively.

Spring Cut/Trim

Experience the transformation of your outdoor space with our spring cut/trim service. We'll restore neatness and crisp borders to enhance your landscape's appeal.

Flower Bed Clean-Up

Our meticulous flower bed clean-up service ensures that leaves and debris are removed, enhancing the beauty and health of your garden beds.

Leaf Clean-Up

Leave the hassle of leaf clean-up to us. Our leaf clean-up service ensures a tidy landscape, free from fallen leaves that can detract from its overall appearance.

Fertilizer Application

Our fertilizer packages include a balanced mix of essential nutrients to restore and maintain your landscape's health.

Professional Lot Sweeping

Maintain pristine surroundings with our efficient Lot Sweeping Service. Our skilled team clears away debris from parking lots, driveways, and paved areas, guaranteeing a clean and inviting space.

Our Spring Cleanup Bundle

Get The Complete Package 

Want all the benefits in one bundle? Our Spring Clean-Up Package Deal includes a comprehensive range of services to ensure your landscape is restored to its full glory:

Power Raking

Remove thatch for new shoots to grow luxuriously.

Lawn Core Aeration

Promote deep root growth and water absorption.

Flower Bed Clean-Up

Eliminate leaves and debris for a pristine appearance.

Grass Cutting and Trimming

 Achieve crisp borders and a manicured look.

High-Quality Granular Fertilizer

Nourish your plants with a custom fertilizer application.

Debris Removal (upon request)

Let us handle the clean-up, leaving your property immaculate.

Follow this comprehensive Spring checklist to ensure a beautiful and well-maintained landscape.
  • Clean-Up and Debris Removal: Clear branches and debris.
  • Lawn Care and Maintenance: Mow, aerate, overseed. Apply fertilizer.
  • Plant and Garden Preparation: Prune, trim, and weed. Add mulch.
  • Plant Annuals: Planting annual flowers such as petunias, marygolds, and lavetera, and many more!
  • Irrigation System Check: Inspect and test for leaks. Adjust timers.
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Go The Extra Mile For Unique Occasions

Commercial Property Maintenance

For acreage and commercial owners, we offer an array of additional services to meet your needs:

Professional Lot Sweeping

Our team of experts removes debris from parking lots, driveways, and paved areas, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment.

Hedge Trimming

Achieve precise borders and a polished look with our professional hedge trimming service.

Fertilizing Packages

Every fertilizing package from Greenedge is tailored to your exact property requirements. With scientifically-developed nutritional solutions, we can deliver the best possible results for your lawn.

Garden Roto-tilling

Loosen soil and enrich it with compost or manure for a bountiful harvest.

Overseeding Lawn

Revitalize your lawn with our overseeding service, resulting in a thicker and healthier turf.

Top Dressing

Maintain a nutrient-rich soil base and enhance your lawn's vitality with our top dressing service.

Acreage, Commercial Maintenance

Trust us to maintain the beauty of your acreage, commercial property with our professional maintenance services.

Fall Clean-Up & Winterization Services

Ensure Your Outdoor Oasis Is Ready For Winter

As winter approaches, preparing your yard for the colder months is crucial. Greenedge offers comprehensive Fall Clean-Up and Winterization services to ensure your landscape remains in optimal condition. 

Get your yard winter-ready with the following services:

Leaf Raking and Collection:

We'll diligently rake and collect leaves from your yard, ensuring a clean and tidy appearance.

Fall Fertilizer Mix:

To promote the health and resilience of your landscape during winter, we apply a specialized fall fertilizer mix.

Follow this comprehensive Spring checklist to ensure a beautiful and well-maintained landscape.
  • Your Winterization Outdoor Space Checklist: Clear walkways and apply de-icing agents. Ensure safety measures.
  • Protecting Plants and Structures: Wrap and store hoses. Insulate pipes.
  • Equipment and Maintenance: Service winter equipment. Replenish supplies.
  • Landscape Preparation: Prune clear leaves. Trim perennials and clean beds.
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Tanya Gebhart
Tanya Gebhart
Great service with friendly staff.
Brooklynne Burgess
Brooklynne Burgess
You guys are the company that works at my grandmothers complex and she always looks forward to your guys coming around. They do an amazing job and their customer service is even better. I’m not sure what you guys charge but you could charge more with that kind of friendly and hardworking team you have
Walter Williamson
Walter Williamson
I have used GreenEdge as the contractor of choice for the maintenance of our commercial locations throughout the greater Calgary area. They have always completed the task required and helped us plan and create a workable outdoor lounge area for our employees. Thank you to Jeff and the team for taking the time to listen to our needs and make our plans a reality. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for landscaping and timely snow removal. They are the best we have worked with in our 30+ years in Calgary.
Chris McElwee
Chris McElwee
Responsive, reliable, fast and affordable. I'll definitely be using Greenedge Lawncare again!
Chris Hall
Chris Hall
Great service provided by very people!!

Outdoor Spaces Made Better—All-Year Round

Let our expert team take care of your commercial property maintenance, ensuring a healthy, beautiful, and sustainable lawn throughout the year.

Experience Unparalleled Annual Maintenance Services Today 

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